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Just picked up my 2017 11FK

Started by zonzin, December 14, 2016, 08:51:09 PM

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It took a lot of searching and a long drive but we are now the proud owners of a '17 11FK with off road package. We drove 2500mi to NC to pick it up and just finished the 2500 mi drive back home with it in tow.
Overall I am very impressed with the trailer. It tows like a dream, no swaying, brakes great, and with the Airlift 1000's set to 35PSI there is no bouncing, even at 70mph. We love the larger fridge they spec'd on the '17s and light tone interior.
The only thing I am not sold on yet is the wood cabinet fronts and doors. But I was told it may be possible to get the "old style" cabinet fronts and doors from the factory and do a retrofit. Need to send them an email.
So after the 2500 mi maiden voyage there are no issues in or out and we were very comfortable the 4 nights we spent in it. 
Time to start the mods. :)  


Where did you travel from (I'm guessing something like Southern California!?  I'm in Seattle area and about to make a 2000+ trek myself...  the savings are enormous if you hit the road.



Actually we live in Idaho and traveled to Apex NC to pick it up. That house was a 1800's mansion in Paducah KY converted to a rest stop, very cool.



Damn, I thought I was doing good when I upgraded from 2 hole desert rest stops in Utah to running water rest stops in Pennsylvania. Kentucky has us all beat.


Welcome to the club, I got about 14,000 on my camper now. Leaving tomorrow for 3 days at the Highlands Hammock State Park west of Sebring and in a couple of weeks spending a long weekend (New Years Eve) in the Ocala National Forest.


Congrats! Nice tow vehicle too ;)   My T4R loves towing the 13QBB....

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