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ISO Awning for 8.1

Started by keyscamper, December 10, 2016, 04:58:28 PM

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Hi Everyone!
Anyone have an awning for an 8.1 they'd like to sell?  We recently bought a used QS and it came without the awning.... and I'd really like to add one.   I've contacted multiple dealers with little success.  We live down in The Florida Keys and the closest dealer is in Jacksonville.  Thought I'd check here.


We added a matching zipper to a tarp and that worked well.


Good idea.  Did you sew it on?  Do you happen to remember the zipper size?


Sorry had our dealer do that so I do not know the size.


Mine was a #5, but that doesn't mean that yours will be the same.


Try an EZ-Up, works better for us than dealing with guy wires and zippers.  Good luck!  


Hey, keyscamper, I sent you a private message but maybe you didn't see it.  I've got an awning for an 8.1 that I'd be happy to sell.  Please ping me at rob_at_LDG.net.  This forum is about to go away so hopefully you see this in time.  :)