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New (to us) TV AND Livin' Lite 16TBS

Started by calimobber, December 06, 2016, 11:36:58 PM

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Well, earlier this year following a week long camping trip in the U.P. with the new dog along, we stopped at the dealer (SIRV) on our way home and scoped out the 16 foot Camplites. Needless to say that after spending the week with two 50 lb dogs in a 13 RDB, we were smitten by the 16 DBS and 16 TBS units. I wasn't sure how I felt about the new interior finishes or the single axle of the TBS though. Additionally our two tow vehicles weren't up to the task of towing a 16. However, my vehicle having >200,000 miles was going to get replaced soon so I started my research, analysis and shopping.

I didn't want a truck for a daily driver and started scouring for mid-size SUV's capable of towing the 16 with plenty of extra capacity for a cushion. I found three options - Dodge Durango, Jeep Grand Cherokee and VW Touareg. DH was adamant about not owning another Dodge and has always said never a Jeep so I started looking at Touaregs. Of course the VW comes with its own baggage - dieselgate - but I've always liked them and after driving a couple I started searching for a used Touareg with a factory hitch installed. I came across this 2014 with only 7,000 miles. Long story short, daddy bought it for daughter for H.S. graduation, she went to college and left it parked at home for 2 years. Then he traded on a new one for her. So now, it's mine. It's a gasser but I've loved driving it these past few months and it towed the 13 like it wasn't even there compared to our other TVs.

Soon after buying the new TV I put the 13 RDB up for sale (some of you noticed it on here). It only took about a month to find a local buyer and once that was complete I started looking for a weekend to go up and puruse the 16's again. I had been reading through this forum the +/- of the new designs and went up expecting that we would prefer the 16DBS. I've also been watching for used ones for months and let me tell you, they don't come up very often!  One thing I noticed as I was shopping online was the hanging closet in the 16DBS. We don't need a hanging closet and I didn't like the placement in the new configurations and how it crowded the bed. Plus there is something appealing to having a king size space since we sleep on a king at home. However, the king "mattresses" IE, pads in the 16 TBS do leave a lot to be desired. So when we went to look we decided we really liked the TBS so WE BOUGHT ONE! We took delivery yesterday and it is now parked in our driveway where the 13 was. We're pretty excited about the upgrade and we're feeling spolied. The 13 didn't have any of the convenience and entertainment features of the 16. It was extremely basic but very cozy and comfortable. We can't wait to get it out camping and may have to make a winter outing this year.

Here it is. Not sure the image will attach.



Please tell me you have another decal for the front. Wasn't that you with the dog and bike ?
Let's eat, Grandma !
Let's eat Grandma !
Punctuation. It saves lives.

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Congrats,  looks like a great combo with the Toureg.


Quote from: @pinstriper" source="/post/26299/thread" timestamp="1481085652Please tell me you have another decal for the front. Wasn't that you with the dog and bike ?
Yes, that was us. The decals will be ordered from our friend the sign-maker soon with the upgrade of adding a Border Collie to the mix.

Here is the old decal:


And the boys:



Good move. The dog will appreciate the additional space.  :)    I look forward to more Michigan Upper Peninsula trip stories. 

And a border collie even! We have 2.

I can't see the photos on my iPad. 



Awesome rig and even more awesomer dogs!