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Member ideas for saving our forum

Started by pygrydr, November 18, 2016, 01:22:53 PM

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Well, I really value and appreciate our LivinLite Campers Forum.  I have learned much information about my camper; which has added to my overall satisfaction and enjoyment of it's use.

So, what can I/we do to help save our forum?




I think it would be helpful to know what the annual hosting cost is, in order to determine if "self-funding" via member donations would be sufficient to keep it afloat in it's current form. A couple of other sites I frequent have been successful at setting up a donation system using PayPal in order to cover the hosting fees. I know I'd be willing to make a donation towards those costs to help keep the site running.



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I did not know our member forum was in danger. Where else is this discussed? Sorry for being out of touch - busy preparing for move to Florida
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When I originally worked with LL on a proposal for hosting services they chose to go with an 'Enterprise Level' plan. To put this into perspective most hosting at this level can run from between $1200 to $2400 per year. Running a private server is far cheaper if there is no cost for hardware or network connectivity but that is not realistic in most cases. Then there are more middle of the road type solutions like spinning up a hosted system on Amazon. This is where we would then install and maintain our own forum platform software. All options have drastically different pros and cons and varying degrees of time requirements to adequately administer.


@leslie, this is new information I released today as we are nearing a critical point and I didn't want to catch everyone off guard.


Right now I'm seeing ads at the top for Chrysler and Dawn soap, and at the bottom for the World Chess Championship.

Are those presumed ad dollars insufficient to maintain the site? If so, I'd be fine with annual dues.
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Currently those ads fall short of fully funding the hosting fees. If they would at least cover the cost then I wouldn't have even mentioned any of this.


We find tremendous value (and entertainment!) in this forum and would be willing to put up some money on an annual basis in order to keep it running. I'm sure that many others would as well, so hopefully we can figure something out. Thanks Sean!


The forum http://aluminiumcamperforum.com/  is available and has no funding problems. I would be willing to welcome the users of this forums if they want to come over :)


First step is to go to the [a href="https://www.livinlite.com/contact/index.html"]LivinLite contact page.[/a]  I sent them a message stating how valuable this forum is; both to us as owners and to them as a company.  Lets become a squeaky wheel and see if they still care about supporting their customers.
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The more people to voice their support for our community the better.


Another drawback to moving away from a hosted solution would be the lack of mobile support. Tapatalk would not be supported. Ideally we will find a solution that keeps on this hosted platform. I know I can move us to another server but the more I think about the drawbacks the less appealing it sounds.


Goodness.  I wouldn't have bought my camper if this forum didn't exist.  I had too many questions to even imagine myself talking to a dealer.  As a first-time camper customer, this forum got me to purchase and answered all my questions as I bungled along to comfort with my new 6.0.

If they want to sell campers to first-timers like me who have no friends or close family with campers or RVs, then this site is necessary.