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The mattress on our 7x20 Quicksilver has to go!

Started by evinpville, October 04, 2016, 01:19:12 PM

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We've now had our maiden voyage in our home-away-from-home.  The came-with mattress is marginally better than sleeping on the ground... So we want to replace it, keeping in mind that the height will be limited by the bed moving up.  So we're looking for  possible answers.  It's a Queen Short, i.e., 60"x75"x6".  Ideas?


RV Mattress Got ours here: http://www.mattressinsider.com/rv-mattress.html

Great service and very helpful on the phone.  Sleep like a baby now.  



You can always get a topper for it. We use styrofoam toppers and an old thick comforter over ours and it helps quite a bit. Still not a comfy as our bed at home but its ok. I want to get a thicker topper soon.


I just wanted to follow up... Charleschapman, you are a hero.  We bought the trailer-sized mattress from mattress-insider...  And then took a trip to Big Bend.  It was wonderful!!  Thank you so much for the pointer!  Brandonboss, just a thought.... I don't know if you've tried a thicker topper; the right sized mattress did the trick for us; I'd highly suggest it for you... :)  Thanks to you both for your responses.