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6 x 15 Discontinued?

Started by brandonboss, November 13, 2016, 04:03:22 PM

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Just looked at Livin Lites website and the 6 x 15 is no longer on it. That's really to bad if they are done with it.


It looks like we may have a "collectors item" trailer. I know you have had some issues with your trailer but it is still much better than the matchstick construction of other trailers.

When I drove to Indiana to pick up my 6x15 I went on a tour of The Aluminum Trailer Company facility who also made a smaller 6x20, now they only have a 7x20 for their smallest model.

Those ATC trailers are  built incredibly well, check them out


be sure and check the "tutorials" tab on their website which has some great videos.

Lafayette Louisiana


I hope that once I fix the outdoor porch light the problems will all be fixed. I like the size of my trailer for towing reasons (newbie). Glad I got it while I did. They must not have been selling well enough I guess? I will have to check those other trailers out.  


Do you like the ATC better than your own livin lite? I love how big the water tanks are on the ATC. The 13 gallon grey water is a joke imo on my trailer. I didn't even think about tank size since this was my first trailer but anything under 25 is to small imo. ATC is 45 gallon which is great.


Comparing the two trailers, the construction of the ATC is how the Livin Lites were made before the buyouts with superior craftsmanship,the finer touches on the ATC trailers are much nicer such as the recessed custom LED interior lights,and most of the systems monitor electronics are in one central area. They still use an aluminum roof.
I like having a 30amp power system vs the 50amp on the ATC.

I'm very satisfied with my 2013 6x15 and would only sell it if the right CampLite 16 TBS with dual axles and slide out dinette were available.

We didn't think we would use our trailer for as much camping that we have used it for, we already have pulled it to Colorado and back to Louisiana five times. The tent sleeper is the main drawback having to set it up and worry about eventual water leaks in the fabric, I'm researching the possibility of installing an awning that I can pull out over the sleeper tent for added protection, we have a Pop Up Gizmo cover for the sleeper but it takes some time and a ladder to set it up.


I am going to be using the fold down couch bed and put a queen sized blow up mattress on top for when the weather isn't up to par when camping. That way I still have the storage underneath of it. I am going to build a platform for next to the fold down bed so the queen bed will fit on it perfectly. That way I don't have to open up the tent if its crappy out. I don't want to deal with mildew or leak issues. Not only that but its super uncomfy. I use foam mattress pads on it now and a thick comforter over those and its still not as comfy as a blow up 8.25 inch queen.


[quote timestamp="1479067402" author="@brandonboss" source="/post/25823/thread"]Just looked at Livin Lites website and the 6 x 15 is no longer on it. That's really to bad if they are done with it.
[/quote][p]2017 is probably the last year. The site changed to 'dealer stock only' the day after I was at the dealer. They were pretty good, there were a few on lots in the US and even though they weren't optioned the way I wanted it was still a good idea to have one shipped here. Then Livin Lite agreed to make 8 more due to dealer demand, so that means there might be 7 more out there to order. I'm pretty happy... even though they had a '16 7x20 on the lot and it would have only been a few K more, it would have been borderline too big for my Safari. The 6x15 is just right for me.[/p][p]
[/p][p]I was told the cost of making the 6x15 was too high compared to the 7's. It's the width apparently, maybe keeping different size axels in stock I don't know. The dealer says there might be a 7x18 to fill the spot which is a shame. I found a thing called a VRV XTC that looks identical but it would have to be shipped north with no dealer support and that steered me away. I find it amazing that it's hard to find a solid light weight trailer that's just big enough to carry a toy and keep 1 or 2 people in comfort. Doesn't matter much to me anymore but the lightweight toy hauler class lost a good trailer.