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ISO 2014 Quicksilver VRV 8532 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

Started by myshootinginstructor, September 07, 2016, 08:13:38 PM

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Hello, we have not even seen one of these beasts live. We would love to actually see one. I'm in SW Ohio, would be glad to take a little trip to scope one out. We have a wheelchair bound son and thought it might suit or needs. If it does would like to buy one. Thank you to anyone that can help us out.


  I don't have any livinlite leads for you.   I have a camplite 5th wheel, almost as rare as the VRV 5th wheel.   I've only ever seen one other in person besides mine and that was at the dealer when I bought it.  I have seen an ATC brand toyhauler in person and quite honestly, at least at first impression, actually exceeded LivinLite quality.  They also seem like they are agreeable to custom building trailers.  they make recreational, commercial, horse, vending, fire-rescue and other types of trailers.     Perhaps they could create a trailer specific to your son's needs.   Check them out here:   http://www.aluminumtrailer.com/      here's a youtube video of a couple that have one of their 5th wheels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dUuUGeIsKE