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Can a new tent canvas be bought?

Started by brandonboss, September 02, 2016, 03:44:34 PM

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I am curious if its possible to buy a spare oem canvas for my 2015 toyhauler. I am a bit worried that by the time its bad I won't be able to replace it.


You'll have to go through a dealer but yes a spare canvas can be purchased. I have no idea what the cost might be though...



@brandonboss, My name is Taylor and I am with Moore Custom Trailers and we can help you with a quote and ordering a canvas for your Toy-Hauler. If you contact our office at 574-773-4171 I would love to help you with this!

Taylor Graham
Sales Coordinator
Moore Custom Trailers


Thank you very much. I got a few quotes and one may have been from you already. Not sure though. It came to around $300 for anyone else who needs one or is considering it.