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Cassette toilet?

Started by wvabeer, June 17, 2016, 04:07:04 PM

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Why isn't the cassette toilet offed anymore. That is one of the reasons  I purchased mine.


My Camplite 11FDB has the first cassette toilet Livin'Lite installed. It was a customization we requested and it was before they offered it on the truck campers. I think it is great. 

Although some North American manufactures do offer them on truck campers they are exceedingly rare on North American travel trailers. It wouldn't surprise me if the average buyer isn't interested in cassette toilets so its easier for marketing to just default to the status quo. I agree, Livin'Lite should still allow cassette toilets as an option. 


Possibly because they are a shallow tray full of poop soup with consequences of mishandling that are beyond unspeakably disastrous.

And even when properly handled, disaster lurks not far away, just around a dark corner with a tube sock full of quarters.
Let's eat, Grandma !
Let's eat Grandma !
Punctuation. It saves lives.

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Quote from: @pinstriper" timestamp="1466309229" source="/post/22319/threaddisaster lurks not far away, just around a dark corner with a tube sock full of quarters.
Remind me to stay away from the places you frequent. Apparently I live a sheltered life compared with you.

Actually if somebody tried to steal the cassette on my way to dumping it, I'd let them have it! I might even lie to the thief: "Oh please don't steal my E-Z-Brew Carboy -- I've waited weeks to taste this beer"



It was not a popular option and in the spirit of standardization was eliminated.  It wasn't one of those options where we could just swap a few items in and out.


It would have been a deal breaker for me. Thanks for your reply djmiller.