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Blackout trim bubbling/peeling?

Started by tommyc, September 07, 2015, 10:44:37 PM

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So the finish on the trim has started falling off. Needless to say it looks horrible. I reached out to LL again so we will see what they have to say this time around. Clearly a product defect that should not be a concern on a trailer of this price point. We shall see...


I'm disappointed that LL didn't follow through for you.  This is very different from the responses that I hear people get for T@b trailer issues on that forum.  As a Quicksilver owner who will upgrade someday, these kinds of LL customer service failures do influence my purchase decisions.

I wonder if the reason that you didn't get any resolution is that LL expects all of the trim to go bad and doesn't want to fix everyone's trim.  If that is the case, then they have no trouble with having Camplites on the road looking horrible and defective.  Sure, it is reasonable to hold to the warranty period, but it represents a larger problem for you and for their own brand image.


My trailer (VRV 8.5x24 purchased new in May/June '16) is starting to have this problem too. So far it's pretty minor - a few inches have peeled here/there.


Its a shame that livin lite won't help out with these issues. They are obviously factory defects and I am sure more and more of us will be experiencing these problems soon enough unfortunately.