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Camplite Travel Trailers / Just picked up my 2017 11FK
December 15, 2016, 10:18:09 AM
Congrats! Nice tow vehicle too ;)   My T4R loves towing the 13QBB....

[attachment id="1897" thumbnail="1"]
Includes free 30-day return! lol
Quote from: @aggie79" source="/post/26415/thread" timestamp="1481658857[quote source="/post/26393/thread" author="@sandroad" timestamp="1481599601"]I'll just chime in here that simply put, you should never exceed the tow rating of the vehicle. If anyone advised you otherwise, they were wrong and it's not safe. Most conscientious folks would advise a trailer weight of somewhat less than the maximum capacity of the tow vehicle. Tongue weight and overall vehicle weight carrying capacity figure in this too. The actual trailer weight and tongue weight going gown the road is what matters, not the dry weight in the fancy brochures. 
I generally concur...but the problem is the same identical vehicle coming off the same assembly line has different ratings depending upon the country of destination.  A vehicle's weight rating seems to be more affected by how litigious a country is rather than engineering design specification.[/quote]

Litigiousness may play a part in those decisions but the primary reason for the differences in tow ratings comes down to fact that Europeans typically have trailers that have significantly lower tongue weights. Therefore the weight of the trailer can be higher given similar payload capacities. As a result of the lower tongue weight, maximum highway speeds around 50mph are enforced for "caravans".  
I've been looking at the covers from that seller as well for my 13QBB...I currently have one of these http://ebay.com/itm/Deluxe-Livinlite-Camplite-13QBB-Travel-Trailer-Camper-Cover-w-Zipper-Access-/181934283115 and it has served me well for 3 seasons but it is starting to tear in a few spots. Hard to tell if that one would be any better quality but then again I think most standard covers probably only last a few years regardless...
Tow Rigs / New (to us) TV AND Livin' Lite 16TBS
December 07, 2016, 08:56:21 AM
Congrats,  looks like a great combo with the Toureg.
[quote timestamp="1481042087" author="@tbrady" source="/post/26286/thread"]
I'm curious, are Class A motorhomes built any better?

And again, thanks for all the information.  This is extremely helpful.[/quote]
Generally, no, a Class A is going to be no better then other RVs in terms of build quality...unless you step up to the $250k++ threshold and go with one of the premium brands. Even then, under the shiny veneer, most of those will resemble a hastily constructed wood-framed trailer on wheels. A Class B RV based on the new Ford Transit or the MB Sprinter is probably one of the better options in terms of quality, since it's all the RV components are built around of a relatively high quality mass-produced steel van body, but they're about $100k and offer about the same amount of living space (or maybe less) then a Camplite 11FK provides. 

So I think it helps to put some of the issues regarding Livin Lite that you noted into the proper context...the frame weld issues appears to be relatively isolated incident, including input from the LL factory on one of those threads that provides some more insight. The new TPO roof and wood-faced cabinets have their pro's and con's, but in my opinion it doesn't significantly change the projected longevity of the trailer. There's no fiberglass to delaminate or bubble, no wood floor or walls to get soft, buckle or grow mold, etc. Compared to the other brands, I think it's still the best choice for something that has a good chance of lasting more then a few years before needing major repairs or being tossed in the trash. My early 2012 13QBB is 5 years old and aside from a scratch or two that I can take credit for, it looks and functions as if it was still new...

Quote from: @easwen" source="/post/26264/thread" timestamp="1480981340Picture of the roof of my 2016 16 BHB.  This is what the factory install of the roof looks like.

Need I say more about the quality?

The aluminum roof seam where it meets the upper front edge on my 2012 looks similar...I have to admit it caught me off guard the first time I climbed up to put the winter cover on, but it has never leaked and still looks the same after 5 years.

Anything not covered elsewhere / This will wake you up.
December 02, 2016, 11:26:51 AM
I usually seem to find wasps in there--tough call but I think I'd rather see a snake!

New Members / New Camplite 11FK owner in Idaho!
November 29, 2016, 06:27:20 PM
Congrats, and welcome! Regarding the spray insulation, do a search for some previous discussion on that topic--I believe the opinion is the spray-on doesn't really do much based on feedback from those who have it.

Gear / "Second Tier" Generator recommendations
November 29, 2016, 06:14:28 PM
You should be able to get a propane kit relatively inexpensively if you ever want to add that as an optional fuel source. I installed one from https://www.propanecarbs.com/small_engines.html on my Honda eu2000 and it was an easy DIY project. Now I don't have to worry about carrying around a gas can when boondocking.

New Members / Hello from La Grange, Texas
November 24, 2016, 06:49:56 AM
I've had my 13QBB for several years and I really like it. It's small and light enough that towing it is not difficult, which takes a lot of stress out of our trips, as we're usually headed up into the mountains. On my 2012 model, the build quality has been excellent and the only things I've had to replace are tires, due to age and wear. Just make sure the wet bath setup is compatible with your needs. I think it's just fine--my wife thinks it's a little tight. But given the compact dimensions of the trailer, it's a reasonable compromise.
Camplite General Q & A / Looking for a new home
November 20, 2016, 03:40:07 PM
Nice choice on the Foretravel. I looked at those a few years ago...eventually went with a Wanderlodge (since sold) but was really impressed with the build quality of the Foretravels. Happy camping!

I think it would be helpful to know what the annual hosting cost is, in order to determine if "self-funding" via member donations would be sufficient to keep it afloat in it's current form. A couple of other sites I frequent have been successful at setting up a donation system using PayPal in order to cover the hosting fees. I know I'd be willing to make a donation towards those costs to help keep the site running.

For Sale / **frame only** from display model
November 14, 2016, 02:21:00 PM
Just saw this posted by a local LL dealer (or maybe former dealer?) ...a display model with just the aluminum framing they are selling. Kinda cool!


Gear / "Second Tier" Generator recommendations
November 08, 2016, 01:30:49 PM
Since you already have one Honda 2000i, why not buy the "Companion" 2000i so that you can link them together for when you need to run the A/C but still have the option of running only one (quiet and efficient) unit to top off batteries or other lesser power needs?